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Co-finance your next media venture on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man Government can offer:
£50 million Tech Fund | Multi-million Media Fund
Up to 40% Grants | Private Equity & Venture Capital
0% Corporate Tax | 0% Capital Gains Tax

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What we do

The Isle of Media is the national development agency for the thriving Isle of Man video, television and film sector. Set up as a not-for-profit Public Private Partnership with the Isle of Man Government to drive inward investment in Digital Media and foster the indigenous industry and talent, we provide advice to develop your next media project on the Isle of Man.

We promote the Island’s excellent capabilities in financing and growing media ventures, its stunning filming locations, its exceptional talent and world class telecommunications infrastructure, we support and attract the whole industry supply chain: production, post-production, global distributors, ad agencies, consultancies, OTT operators and satellite broadcasters.

Join Europe’s unique media cluster.

Who we are

Stuart Semark

Co-Founder / Co-Owner – Isle of Media

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Jo White

Marketing Director – Isle of Media

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Special Advisors

Stuart Burrage

Executive Producer and Advisor to the Board

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Simon Kelly

Director at Dixcart Management (IOM) Limited

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Catriona Logan

Director of Celtic Media Festival

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Simon Nicholas

Audit and Advisory Director – KPMG LLC

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Mark Rowland

Chairman of C21, CEO of Formatzone & CrowdFund TV

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Chris Sharp

Chief Programming Officer & General Manager of AMC Networks

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Our Objectives

Our main objective is to act as a ‘Business Development Agency’ to support the development and growth of the Isle of Man’s ‘Digital Media Sector’:

  • from content and format production for all types of television and video formats including also film, games, animation, virtual and augmented reality
  • content aggregation
  • content management
  • commercial, electronic and physical distribution in all forms like for instance licensing, broadcasting, streaming, Video On Demand, DVD sales
  • display, financing, incubating, consulting and promotion of video and television
  • and other related activities

We will do this by, but not limited to, the below:

  • on- and off-island marketing
  • education
  • consulting
  • participation in definition of public sector policy
  • general participative and advisory  activities which support the development of the sector and its revenue, taxation and employment capabilities

We will act as an ‘Association’ for the representation and benefit of the Company’s membership and the wider Isle of Man economy and society.

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